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NASA to drag asteroid in to lunar orbit ?

The US space agency is considering a plan to drag a small asteroid in to orbit around the Moon. Ever since the Obama administration announced plans to…

Japan reveals ‘Hayabusa2′ asteroid mission

The Japanese space agency has announced a follow-up to their successful Hayabusa spacecraft. The new mission is expected to launch in 2014 and will ta…

6 Intelligence Agency Websites Geared Toward Children

The United States spends $80 billion annually on its intelligence community. That’s equal to the combined amount spent on the entire Marine Corps, NASA, and the State Department each year, with enough change left over to buy the Legislative Branch. To keep that kind of cash flowing, success isn’t enough—it’s going to take some good [...]

The Sexiest Bus Ad You’ll See Today

With an ad like that, who doesn’t want to ride the bus? Danish public transportation agency Midttrafik commissioned this spot by agency M2Film to make riding the bus sexy and exciting again. Hit play or [...]

China unveils ambitious space projects

China’s space agency has revealed a number of new projects that are currently in the works. Between 2014 and 2016 China hopes to launch several new pr…

11 Things You Didn’t Know About America’s Spymasters

© JASON REED/Reuters/Corbis There’s more to being a spy than drinking martinis, talking into shoe-phones, and discarding messages that self-destruct in five seconds. Here are 11 surprising facts about America’s spymasters. 1. The CIA had a mad scientist on the payroll Dr. Sidney Gottlieb sold Christmas trees at a roadside stand, raised goats and was an accomplished square [...]


The Taxi agency’s ad for the Vancouver Aquarium reminds us that male seahorses gestate their young. A pregnancy test embedded in the bottom of urinals returns a (presumably false) positive result whenever a man uses it. Link -via Super Punch

Concrete Business Cards

The Caen, France-based design agency Murmure made these memorable and heavy business cards. You probably can’t fit many in your pocket, but you can stack them on wooden pallets, built to scale. Link (Google Translate) | Agency Website

In Case of Emergency, Eat This Book

After you’ve foolishly walked away from your Land Rover to explore a mirage in the Arabian desert, you’ve found yourself lost. What to do? Thank goodness for this survival guide that explains how to keep yourself alive with tips on dealing with [...]

Embarrassing Hair Loss Ad

The best actors are ones that you don’t have to pay for. The Canadian ad agency Rethink makes good use of bald commuters on rapid transit trains by exposing their heads for all to see. Link -via Super Punch | Photo: David Niddrie