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The Kinds of Sandcastles I’d Be Building if Only It Weren’t Raining

Photo credit: Mark Renders/Getty Images We’re spending the weekend at the beach, and for the last three weeks, I’ve been getting my daughter pumped for an all-day sandcastle building adventure. We bought a new bucket and everything. Now it’s pouring. So I’ll have to show her these crazy sandcastle pictures instead. She really had her heart set [...]

Winner of Beard Competition Has the Norwegian Flag and a Moose on His Face

Elmar Weiss, a longtime beard champion, has once again captured the world title for best beard. Since the competition was held in Norway, he sculpted his long beard into a Norwegian flag and a moose. In 2005 he won with with a beard styled into the shape of Berlin’s Brandenberg Gate, and in 2007 with a [...]

Protests That Turned Heads

Photo: AFP If you want the world to listen to your cause, shouting just won’t work. You have to get weird. That’s what Alice Newstead did last summer to raise awareness about shark endangerment. With oversized fish hooks, a Paris boutique, and silver spray paint, Alice hung around briefly, but it got people’s attention. The painful stunt went [...]