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Life Advice from a Cat

If Dear Abby were a cat, what kind of advice would you get? Jeff Wysaski at Pleated Jeans gives us seven typical questions and the feline wisdom to deal with them. Link

What is the best thing to ask a ghost ?

Paranormal researcher Matt Schulz believes that simple questions are likely to get the best responses. Schulz offered his advice during a midnight exp…

Chinese Lottery Winners in Silly Masks

Common advice on what to do when you win the lottery is to not tell anyone. That’s especially hard to do in states where you are required to make a public appearance or have your name published. In China, lottery winners are required to appear on camera accepting the prize, so they have developed the [...]

Some Good Advice For Mrs. Clark

Kids have a knack for cutting through the BS and telling it like it is, especially when it comes to handing out advice. The brilliant 6 year old that wrote up this note for Mrs. Clark has some really sound advice about a shortcut to feeling better-just go poop! This is good advice for us all, [...]

Why You Should Toss Productivity Out the Window

Want to be more productive? Don’t. That’s the advice from Leo Babauta, which is striking because his blog Zen Habits has been one of the top self-improvement blogs who used to dispense tips on [...]

Fighting Fire with Fire

If you look, you can often find good advice on Twitter. And sometimes that advice gets illustrated as a Twaggie. This Tweet by @Dana_Barzilay was illustrated by David Barneda. Link

Never Use Google Translate to Generate the Text of Your Tattoo

Good advice, right? Because you wouldn’t want a typo in something permanent. J. Harker, a graduate student in the classics, often gets requests for English to Latin translation by people who want to get tattoos. He has a blog post describing the various errors that people make when attempting to translate a language that they [...]

Priest Advises Poor to Shoplift

Father Tim Jones of the St. Lawrence Church in York, England is getting some flack for advice he preached after his Nativity sermon on Sunday, in which he advocated shoplifting for those in desperate straits. Delivering his festive lesson, Father Jones told the congregation: ‘My advice, as a Christian priest, is to shoplift. I do not [...]

Is Conditional Parenting Bad For Children?

Should you love your children unconditionally or should you dole out love only when they behave? Do your children become better adults if you are selective about your approvals – like many of the new parenting advice books say? Author Alfie Kohn wrote an interesting article for The New York Times wrote about some interesting studies [...]