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25 Best Not-So Christmas Ads

Christmas oriented advertising has gone from traditional and conservative to wild and crazy over the years, and we wouldn’t have it any other way! Here’s a collection of not-so traditional Christmas ads to fill your holidays with ho-ho-hos and give you a new perspective on the one they call Claus. Link

Susan Glenn

Usually, AXE deodorant body spray takes the low road of advertising. Their ads – humorous and effective as they are – can be summed up simply as (boobs) “use this to get chicks” (boobs). But not this one. Check out the “Susan Glenn” ad, as narrated by Kiefer Sutherland, and tell us if it’s a better form [...]

Strange European Posters For American Movies

Sending a Hollywood movie overseas means simply adding subtitles, but advertising said movie means wacky new artwork created by someone who clearly hasn’t even seen the movie! Take a gander at this gallery of posters for Hollywood blockbusters as seen through the eyes of European artists, and you’ll see how a little artistic interpretation can make [...]

Blogging Buzz Correlates with Movie Box Office Success

Will that movie be a box office success? Akira Ishii and colleagues from the Department of Applied Mathematics and Physics at Tottori University in Japan may have cracked the secret of predicting box office [...]

UV Glow Painting Made With RC Cars

(YouTube Link) Typically when art and advertising collide the result is annoyingly shameless, like a door to door salesman selling magazine subscriptions. But this glowing work by Ian Cook doesn’t smack of in your face advertising, and he created parts of the painting by using RC cars to apply the paint, four wheel streaks at a time. –via [...]

Bizarre Street Art Promotion For Goodwill

  These spooky figures, holding a note with their faces obscured, are part of a strange street art advertising campaign by Red Agency for Goodwill stores, to illustrate that Goodwill is the best place to buy costumes. The slogan is “Be Anything This Halloween”, but I don’t think I’ll be going to this year’s Halloween bash dressed [...]

Smart Argentina’s Clever ASCII Animation Twitter Ad

Now that’s smart advertising in 140 characters or less: smart Argentina created an ad with ASCII animation in its Twitter page. Each tweet is an animation frame (you can hit "J" on your keyboard to scroll [...]

This Bear Will Protect Your Deodorant

The advertising team behind Old Spice deodorant are continuing with their hilarious, tongue-in-cheek campaign by releasing a limited edition deodorant holding bear statue for the 2011 holiday season. So, if you’re worried about someone breaking in and stealing your deodorant, this guy and his toothy grin have got you covered. Link

The Delightfully Dark Art of Anton Semenov

Anton Semenov is an artist at an advertising agency by day, but at night, his digital paintings take a turn for the dark and become much more interesting. While most people probably wouldn’t feel comfortable having his art plastered up in their bedrooms, it certainly demonstrates a lot of talent and is great to look [...]

Conspiracy Theories as Model Kits

Advertising company Ogilvy & Mather put together a campaign for the plastic model company Tamiya featuring kits that you can use to illustrate your favorite conspiracy theory. This one is for the faked moon landing; others have to do with Roswell, Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, and the Kennedy assassination. Link