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Wall Mounted Admiral Ackbar

(YouTube link) We admit it, Admiral, it WAS a trap -and you got caught in it! Admiral Ackbar ends up as a wall trophy in Darth Vader’s man cave. I would so want one of these if my kids wouldn’t press the button constantly. Link

The Voice of Admiral Ackbar Speaks

(Video Link) Though he wasn’t given a screen credit, voice actor Erik Bauersfeld brought us Admiral Ackbar and Bib Fortuna of Star Wars. He’s skilled at his job and, as we can see in this delightful interview conducted by the San Francisco Chronicle, Bauersfeld is also a talented raconteur. Watch him talk about the time he [...]

Admiral Ackbar As A Wee Mon Calamari

This is what Admiral Ackbar looked like, as a newly sold alien pet shop slave, way before he was figuring out that things were traps and helping the Rebel Alliance blow up the Death Star. He looked so cute before he grew legs! Link –via JazJaz

Hockey Team Adopts Chewbacca as Mascot

If your team is going to have a mascot, it has to be one that connects with people. That’s why there was a movement by Ole Miss to adopt Admiral Ackbar. ‘Cause when you think of Mississippi, you naturally think of the Admiral. It’s a common association. And that brings us to hockey. What creatures to [...]

10 Idiotic Things Being Sold On eBay Right Now

To be fair, I’m not entirely sure that a velvet painting of Admiral Ackbar belongs in an article titled “10 Crazy Pieces of Crap On eBay Right Now.” Personally, I think it’s pretty awesome. Even so, a lot of the other items certainly do belong there. Check out the rest over on Oddee. Link

Now There’s A Smart Baby

(Video Link) 19 month-old Archer not only knows what sounds robots make, he even knows what Admiral Ackbar says. I think I sense a future reader.

What Does Admiral Ackbar Say?

A kitty says meow, a lion says roar and a dog says woof. But what does Admiral Ackbar say? I know that if our daughter could pull this off, my husband would be as delighted as this dad is. Link via [Geeks are Sexy]

The Quick 10: 10 Mascots That Don’t Seem to Make Any Sense

I went to a university with a seemingly-perplexing mascot. How do you get a small red bird from a large, destructive force of nature? It turns out there’s a perfectly good explanation – for Iowa State and for these nine other schools. 1. The College: Iowa State University The Team: The Cyclones The Mascot: a cardinal bird What Gives: [...]

If Star Wars Was Set in Edo Japan

Artist Steve Bialik created six prints that re-imagined the Star Wars universe in the Edo period of Japanese history (1603-1868). On the left, you can see Jabba with Leia, and on the right, Admiral Ackbar. Link via Super Punch | Artist’s Website Previously: Samurai Star Wars in Edo Japan

Pop Culture Wedding Invitation

Image: Maureen Alarid Maureen Alarid of Off Beat Bride created this invitation for her wedding, featuring Admiral Ackbar’s prudent advice about marriage. Alarid writes: The wording [on the back] is my favorite part. It reads: ‘[We] request the honor of your presence as two geeks save the princess, resist the dark side and pledge their lives (extra, [...]