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Zombie Apocalypse: A Map of Resources

You were foolish and didn’t make any preparations until it was too late. Now there are zombies everywhere and you need supplies.* Go directly to the interactive Map of the Dead. Type in an address and it will plot out gun stores, liquor stores, hospitals, hardware stores and other resources in your area. Link -via Say [...]

Miracle on 22nd Street

Jim and Dylan live in the Chelsea area of New York City -nowhere near the North Pole. They don’t know how so many children got their home address, but for years they’ve received letters to Santa Claus at their apartment. The number of letters has grown into the hundreds this year. Many of them are [...]

A Brief History of the State of the Union

President Obama is slated to let Congress (and the rest of us) know how the country’s doing in his first State of the Union address on Wednesday night. Here are the answers to a few questions that might come up when the address storms every channel of your television. Why does the President give a State [...]

The Quick 10: Seven Score and Six Years Ago…

Many years (146, to be exact) ago today, Abraham Lincoln delivered one of the most powerful and meaningful speeches of all time. I bet a lot of us can still recite it (how many of you had to memorize it for school?), but here are a few more facts. 1. Talk about using words wisely. This [...]

911 Dispatcher Got Call That Own House Was On Fire!

For 11 years, Mike Bowes has been working as a 911 dispatcher for the Quincy Police Department in Massachusetts. He’s heard of everything from baby deliveries to deaths, but this call was probably the most shocking to him: it was someone reporting that his own house was on fire! My neighbor’s house just blew up, [...]