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Dragon-Shaped Dumpling

I haven’t been able to track down any information about it, but allegedly this dragon figure is actually a dumpling. It’s filled with a green substance and apparently steamed. You can see additional photos of the creation process at the link. Link -via Bit Rebels

We’re on Pinterest!

If you haven’t yet heard of Pinterest, it’s a relatively new site that acts as a virtual pinboard, with an emphasis on the visual. People use it to save recipes, create inspiration boards, make wish/gift lists, plan for weddings, and more. Because we enjoy wandering blindly into these social networks and figuring it out as [...]

Personal Submarine

Well, perhaps submarine is not the right term for this vehicle. Rather, part of this boat is partially submerged so that users can comfortably view the world beneath the surface of the water. The Korean company Raonhaje makes this battery-powered vehicle which can reach speeds of five knots. You can view additional photos and a [...]

The World’s Smallest Solar Powered Movie Theater

Artist Paul O’Connor and his colleagues at the British art collective Undercurrents built a tiny solar powered movie theater in a 1960s-era travel trailer. Sol Cinema can seat eight adults and generally screens films with an ecological theme. The official website provides additional photos as well as a list of tour dates and locations in [...]

The Diving Horses of Atlantic City

The diving horses performed at Atlantic City’s Steel Pier in the 1920s and 1930s. The horse would jump into a tank of water, typically with a young woman riding on its back. Some dove with their front legs straight out, while others tucked up their legs as if they were going over a jump. One horse [...]