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Brain Tumor Survivor Has Painted Almost Every Sunrise for the Past Seven Years

One morning, after she had two pear-sized tumors removed from her brain, Debbie Wagner decided to paint the sunrise. This became a daily ritual for her — a celebration of the life that she still had. For seven years, that’s what she’s done almost every day. Wagner explains: “When I look at a sunrise, it represents [...]

12 Luminous Shadow Artworks

I’m a big fan of shadow art, especially the ones where piles of trash have been assembled just so to produce something entirely different on a wall. Luckily, there are plenty of artists like Kumi Yamashita, Tim Noble and Sue Webster to fuel my addiction. Some of these you might have seen floating around the Interwebz [...]

Pac-Man Gets Hooked On Skyrim

(YouTube Link) Watch as Pac-Man lets down Ms. Pac-Man, and his little Pac children, by succumbing to Skyrim addiction. This NSFW  pixel animation is very relatable these days, as Skyrim has created an epidemic of video game addiction virtually unmatched since the world was introduced to Warcraft. C’mon Pac-Man, you know if you don’t bring home those [...]

Couple Sells Their Kids For Online Gaming Money

Do you or someone you know have an addiction to Warcrack? Are you spending so much time farming and battling monsters that your life is passing you by? Well, at least you haven’t sold your kids to pay for your MMO habits! One couple in China, however, have sold three of their children just to [...]

Lip Balm Addiction: Are You in Recovery?

I’ve never been a lip balm user. This is because I tend to avoid things that my friends find addictive — and I’ve had friends who have been, dare I say, addicted to lip balm since elementary school. After a few hours without it, they’re clearly jonesing, twitching, and needing a fix. I won’t name [...]

Strange Addictions

Alcohol, drugs, nicotine, caffeine … You can get addicted to a lot of stuff, but how about “tanorexic’s” addiction to tanning, addiction to nasal spray and even an addiction to reading? Clinical psychologist Jeff Gardere of Healthguru lists some of the world’s most unusual addictions: Link [embedded video]

Woman who eats cushions features on show

Featured on ‘My Strange Addiction’ the 30-year-old has a peculiar taste for foam materials It still isn’t clear what compels people like Adele to cons…

Internet Addiction in Asia

There’s some debate over whether “internet addiction” is even properly classifiable as a behavioral disorder, but if it is, there’s certainly a not-insignificant percentage of folks in the U.S. that would qualify. For whatever reason, it seems that the most shocking statistics I hear about internet addiction come from Asia. South Korea boasts of being [...]