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There Once was a Man Who was a Dwarf and Later a Giant

Neatorama presents a guest post from Today I Found Out, a website where you can learn interesting facts every day. Check ‘em out today! Photo courtesy of [...]

Monstrous, Angelic, Unusual Bridge Sculptures

“QUANTUM SHOT” #801 Link – article by Simon Rose and Avi Abrams Monstrous, Angelic or Just Plain Weird – Unusual Bridge Sculptures, Part One There are bridges in every country, all over the world, each one serving a very functional purpose, so it’s nice to know that some of the [...]


Don’t get it? That’s because this is the G-rated version of an earlier cartoon that couldn’t pass Facebook’s standards. It’s difficult to recognize Adam and Eve with clothes on! Mick Stevens had a cartoon in The New Yorker, which was reposted on the magazine’s Facebook page, and caused the magazine to be temporarily banned. To [...]

Sculptures Which Make The Mundane Look Strange

A button up shirt, soup spoons and a sledgehammer- what do these things have in common besides starting with the letter S? They’re all subjects of surreal sculptural works by Adam Niklewicz! Adam specializes in turning objects from normal everyday to strange in every way, and he renders each piece unusable for their originally intended purpose [...]

11 Scary Evil Monsters From World Religions

Religion teaches its followers lessons through parables about kindness and love and doing the right thing. But if all that fails, there’s always the threat of a scary monster to drive the point home. 1.  Dybbuk Found in Jewish folklore, the Dybbuk is the spirit of a dead sinner who, instead of continuing on to the afterlife, [...]

Adam Savage Made His Own “Indiana Jones” Bullwhip

In this eight-minute video, MythBuster Adam Savage describes the construction of a replica Indiana Jones bullwhip. Savage made his first bullwhip in the early 90s, then got some advice from master whip maker David Morgan — so Savage bought a piece of kangaroo hide (apparently kangaroo leather is exceedingly strong) and proceeded to make [...]

This Lawyer Is A Cowboy, Patriot And Champion Of Freedom

(YouTube Link) Adam Reposa is a self-proclaimed champion of freedom, patriot and one badass lawyer. Watch him wheel his monstrous truck around town, looking to smash those who oppose his right to cowboy up and punch freedom haters in the face. According to Adam, when you’re a lawyer you can smash up people’s cars on the road without [...]

The Missing Links: How to Win at Battleship

The ’40s Were a Wild Time In honor of National Bike Month, the good people at dug up these photos of variations on the bicycle from the 1940s. * There’s A Giant 860-Mile Wide Sphere of Water Sitting on Top of the Midwestern United States In this picture – which illustrates what all of the Earth’s water looks [...]

The Fresh Prince of Eternia

Adam got in just one little fight and was sent off to live at Castle Grayskull. Since the last time that we featured his wonderful mashups, Marco D’Alfonso has been busy combining Sesame Street with DC Comics, Transformers with Norman Rockwell, and more. Go forth and explore his hilarious gallery. Link -via Comics Alliance

5 Questions: Adam & the Ants

This week’s theme covers musical acts that were popular in the 1980s. As usual, each question contains a word or phrase related to the theme (although the question itself will be unrelated). So far, we’ve seen Duran Duran and The Police. Today’s 5 Questions quiz: Adam & the Ants