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Annie Ralli’s Amazing Body Paintings

There’s no pen in this picture, but it took me a few seconds to notice. Annie Ralli, an artist in London, made this and other eye-tricking body paintings for an ad campaign. Link -via Amusing Planet | Photo: Ray Massey

Skippy, the Stone-skipping Robot

(YouTube link) When I saw this cute robot that can skip rocks, I thought, “Great, now they automated a lazy summer human pastime.” But you can control this robot to skip rocks for you through the internet! It’s an ad campaign from Sun Valley, Idaho, that runs only through Friday, and only during daylight hours. Link [...]

Running (Unstoppable)

The Canadian Paralympic Committee ad campaign for the 2012 Paralympic Games in London features this awesome poster (click to see full size), and a video that you can see (and read more about) at Laughing Squid. Link

The Bacon Milk Shake

Resistance is futile. You KNOW you want it. Behold, the Bacon Shake from Jack in the Box. The SFist writes: So, Jack in the Box created a Bacon Milkshake. Why? Because you secretly want one, that’s why. Shame on you. The [...]

The Bark Side

(YouTube link) Volkswagen unveils their Super Bowl ad campaign. If you sold cars and were going to advertise during a football game, it only makes sense that you would feature dogs barking the Imperial March. Makes perfect sense! -via reddit

This Drawing Consists of a Single Line

Just one. That’s it. Chan Hwee Chong made this and other single line drawings, all in spirals, for a Faber Castell ad campaign. At the link, you can watch a video showing how he does it. It’s amazing. Link -via Colossal

Kittens and Salsa

(YouTube link) The world’s simplest ad campaign -show your product with cute kittens. It just might work! -via Arbroath

Top Quizzes of 2010: Slogans of the ’90s (#21)

This week we’ll be counting down some of the top mental_floss quizzes of 2010. Enjoy! How powerful can advertising be? Let’s put those catchy slogans to the test. Can you identify the product from an ad campaign either introduced or used primarily in the 1990s? Take the Quiz: Slogans of the ’90s

Extreme Shaving: While Skydiving

(YouTube Link) In this Japanese-language razor commercial, a man shaves his face after he’s jumped out of an airplane. It’s one part of a whole ad campaign in which men shave under extreme conditions, such as while engaging in pro wrestling or riding a mechanical bull. More videos at the link. Link via Japanator