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Adam Savage: About My “Indiana Jones” Hat

At this year’s Maker Faire, Adam Savage delivered a speech about “why we make” — a discussion largely about how Savage gets kids interested in making things. But first, he started with a story about his exquisitely perfect Indiana Jones fedora. He begins: “This is a replica of Harrison Ford’s hat from Raiders [...]

Rambo Tribute in a Subway

(Video Link) The genius of many street artists lies in seeing patterns in ordinary objects that other people don’t. In a digital display in the Paris Métro, Robert Hibourassa saw action hero John Rambo. -via Dude Craft

Rug Cop: The Movie Action Hero Who Uses His Toupee as a Weapon

(Video Link) From the same people who brought you The Squid Wrestler comes a new action hero: The Rug Cop. A scientific experiment gone wrong gave an aging detective amazing toupee powers. With his supernatural hairpiece, Rug Cop battles crime in the mean streets of Tokyo. via WTF Japan, Seriously?!

The Best Action Scene EVAR!

Forget James Bond! The best action scene ever filmed is from the 1985 Tollywood movie Alluda Mazaaka…!, starring the “Megastar” Chiranjeevi and directed by E.V.V. Satyanarayana. You’ll soon see why Chiranjeevi is deserving of the title “Megastar”: … it is quite exciting and wildly over-the-top unrealistic. Especially the horse-sliding scene at 2:07. You don’t know what horse-sliding [...]