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10 of the Most Pointless Action Figures Ever Made

Popular characters as action figures make plenty of sense. Obscure action figures are often works of art, have meaning to someone, or are awesome in their very obscurity. Then there are mass-produced action figures that serve only to expand a series and sell to collectors who are obsessed with a complete set, depicting characters that [...]

The Eddie Deezen Action Figure

Actor and frequent Neatorama contributor Eddie Deezen has an action figure! Can you tell which is which? Sadly, this is not for sale, but is a one-of-a-kind gift made by one of his fans. Link

Batman Robot Vinyl Invaders

Batman Robot Vinyl Invaders – $39.95 (sold individually) Holy sushi Batman! It’s the Batman Robot Vinyl Invaders from the NeatoShop. Attention Batman fans. Behold the fantastic Batman Robot Vinyl Invader. This fantastic action figure is stylized to look like a Japanese Batman robot. It comes with movable arms and neck and is packed in a collectible box. [...]

Joss Whedon Can Finally Move In To The Barbie Dreamhouse

If you feel like there’s something missing from your dolly playtime, you’re probably just wishing you had a Joss Whedon action figure to throw into the mix! Complete with sensible shoes, ginger beard and hands capable of framing any scene faster than you can say action, the Joss Whedon action figure will transform any playset into [...]

Techno Viking Action Figure

Techno Viking, the character from a 12-year-old video, is a meme that just won’t quit. Now he’s an action figure! There’s no verifiable information, but I gather that this is one of those custom-made action figures that can look like anyone if you pay the premium price. But I don’t know who it belongs to. [...]

Hedgehog of Death

Used to play dress up with your doll … er, action figure? Well, I betcha you didn’t do it exactly like this. The mad genius designers over at IC4DESIGN (neat opening sequence, btw!) created this prototype sculpture, called Hedgehog of Death, out of leather, metal spikes and awesomeness. Link – via Hypedot

Thor Box Contest Winners

Hello Neatoramanauts! Earlier this week we asked you to guess What’s Inside The Thor Box and to take a look at the NeatoShop’s wide selection of Funny T-shirts. We’ve opened the box and found cool Thor swag inside. Here are the winners: cameron got the Thor Hammer Klyde got one of the Thor action figure sanderson81 got another [...]