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8 Odd Acts of the Vaudeville Era

Before movies could talk, there were endless opportunities for those who had talent to make a living performing in front of live audiences. Singers, dancers, actors, and comedians were the backbone of the traveling show. There were also side show exhibits with human oddities and specialty acts such as the circus, the wild west show, [...]

The Late Movies: Defenestration

DEFENESTRATION: the act of throwing someone or something out a window. It’s an incredibly specific word for an act which has figured large in cinematic history. Tonight, we’ll be looking at a variety of defenestrations, both fictional and real. Let’s start off with an amazing supercut of defenestrations by Everything is Terrible editor Defenestrator III. [...]

Feeding birds ‘changes evolution’

Researchers have revealed that the act of putting food out for the birds can result in a whole new evolutionary path. European blackcaps for examp…

NatGeo’s Humanly Impossible: "Human Blockhead" Jason Rydelek Hammers 4-Inch Nail Into His Nose

Jared Rydelek has a rather unusual talent: he can hammer a 4-inch nail into his nose without hurting himself or even sneezing. In National Geographic’s two-part special Humanly Impossible, Jared explains: When I was a kid, I became infatuated with magic. I wanted to be a magician and bought all the magic sets at the toy store [...]