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Meeting the Troll

A couple of years after Leo Traynor opened a Twitter account, he became the victim of a troll. It started in July 2009. I’d been on Twitter for over 2 years at that point having joined in May 2007, and I’d never had a problem. My account was followed by a fairly innocuous looking one which [...]

14 Great Parody Twitter Accounts

Twitter is a great way to keep up with people on the internet, but it’s also a source of entertainment from accounts created just for that purpose. You have to admire a novelty account that can keep the one-liners coming day after day after day. If you’re not following any parody accounts, you’ll find a [...]

Using Morse Code To Tweet It Out

Is it just too easy typing out 140 characters to fill up your Twitter account? Then maybe you should try slowing down the process by morse coding your way across the micro blogging platform. You can find schematics for your own Tworsekey at the link. Link via Geekosystem

The Ballad of @Horse_ebooks

A simple and not-too-effective spam Twitter account has become an internet phenomenon. @Horse_ebooks may or may not be a ‘bot, but the nonsensical snippets that it Tweets, supposedly from the ebooks it is trying to sell, has caused over 25,000 people to follow the account. I tend to liken horse_ebooks to some wacky public access show [...]

The Random People Running Sweden’s Twitter Account

Most democratic governments claim to be representatives of their citizens, but few would be so bold as to let a random citizen speak out on behalf of the government. But in Sweden’s new “Curators of Sweden” project, the country is offering different citizens a chance to control the country’s Twitter account, @Sweden, for a whole [...]

How to Turn Savings into Debt in No Time

Eighteen-year-old Daniel Ganziano had a savings account at TCF Bank, but he spent his money. The account eventually only had $4.85 cents left, so Ganziano quit making withdrawals. But the bank didn’t. He had all but forgotten about the account until he received a letter from TCF on Oct. 12 saying six days earlier, it had [...]


I’d just like to know what AT&T is thinking here. Was just accessing my account and had to enter new information online. Is this the UI guys having a good laugh… or? Pretty funny, if so.

Not Safe for Lunch: Attack of the Parasites

I just discovered this in the dusty depths of my YouTube account — a very strange video I made with mental_floss about three years ago. Not a lot of people saw it, so I thought it might be fun to pull out of obscurity for a day. It’s a primer on a few of the [...]

Man Found his Double on Facebook

Graham Comrie of Aberdeen thought someone was impersonating him when he heard of a Facebook account of a Graham Cormie of Ellon, Aberdeenshire. Friends even thought Cormie was using Comrie’s photos, since they looked so much alike! But it was no imitation -just a eerie set of coincidences. The Grahams soon realised they were both professional [...]

Big Ben on Twitter

Big Ben, the London clock tower, has a Twitter account. Online, it says the same thing it has always said in real life. The account was opened as a statement on the banality of Twitter, but Big Ben now has over six thousand followers! Come to think of it, this IS handy if you want [...]