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The Late Movies: Oscar Monologues

Yesterday, it was announced that Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane will host this year’s Academy Awards. The Oscars have a storied history of hosts, ranging from the iconic Johnny Carson to Bob Hope to David Letterman. The opening monologue is a critical moment in each host’s stint — the first glimpse into whether the evening [...]

Fake Police Academy in China

China has got fake handbags, fake watches and even a fake Apple store, but this "fake" takes the cake: Fake Police Academy. The Jiamusi People’s Police Academy, Shandong province branch, [...]

Angelina Jolie’s Right Leg

Hollywood’s extensive hype over the Academy Awards presentation is all about publicity. Going into the weekend, many tried to guess what the big story would be. Sasha Baron Cohen’s costume? The best and worst gowns? No, they were all upstaged. Angelina Jolie’s right leg was the star of Oscar night. It so overwhelmed everything else [...]

The Late Movies: Khan Academy

Khan Academy provides free instructional videos (among many other things) for K-12 kids to learn about a variety of topics (the site currently boasts a library of over 2,600 videos!). You can read more about Khan or just dive into some awesome learning. Below, I’ve rounded up a few starter videos to give [...]

Sea Pancake

Photo: Terry Gosliner, California Academy of Sciences That’s what scientists are calling this newly discovered species of nudibranch off the coast of the Philippines. Take a look at more neat photos of other discoveries over at NatGeo: Link

The Late Movies: Happy Birthday, Clint Eastwood!

Today, Clint Eastwood turns 81. We’re celebrating with clips from some of his best work on the silver screen—from spaghetti westerns to dark dramas and everything in between. Eastwood has won four Academy Awards and one honorary Irving G. Thalberg Memorial Award, which is given at the yearly Oscar ceremony. In short: the guy’s a [...]

Air Force Academy Graduates Four Sisters

The admission standards for the US service academies are incredibly demanding, to say nothing of the task of graduating. But success runs in the Robillard family. The four children of the family, who form two sets of twins, are all graduates of the US Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado: As twins, and soon-to-be 2nd [...]

What Movie Won Instead?

Many of us have trouble remembering what movies won Academy Awards only a few days after they are bestowed. How can we be expected to remember those that didn’t win? Or maybe you do! In today’s Lunchtime Quiz at mental_floss, you’ll be given films that were nominated for Best Picture. Can you match them to [...]

Walking Dinosaur Skeleton

(Video Link) YouTube user onredpaper reports that this footage is from an exhibit at the California Academy of Sciences. It shows a replica dinosaur skeleton walking. via Geekologie | California Academy of Sciences | Previously: Dinosaur in a Museum

Diorama World

What happens when the bison at the Museum of Natural History get dusty? Photographer Richard Barnes has traveled the U.S. photographing museum dioramas undergoing repair and maintenance, and his photos have been made into a book, Animal Logic, that was published last fall. Do his photos, which emphasize the distinction between nature and artifice, increase or [...]