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Maru at the Oscars

You know what would make the best feature films of 2011 even better? If Maru starred in them! The Cheezburger Network has a collection dedicated to both the Academy Awards and the internet’s favorite cat. See the movie posters as they would be with Maru in the leading role. Or directing. Or just looking good [...]

What Movie Won Instead?

Many of us have trouble remembering what movies won Academy Awards only a few days after they are bestowed. How can we be expected to remember those that didn’t win? Or maybe you do! In today’s Lunchtime Quiz at mental_floss, you’ll be given films that were nominated for Best Picture. Can you match them to [...]

Oscar Best Picture Nominees in LEGO

Got Oscar fever yet? If you can’t hardly wait, feast your eyes on these first. Here are some LEGO recreations of this year’s Academy Awards Best Picture nominees by Alex Eylar: Link Previously on Neatorama: Oscar Fun Facts