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Mattress Sheep

The gift of found object artists is the ability to see forms in discarded objects that most of us would never consider. Take this mattress that Sophie Marsham found in an alley. With a bit of decoration, it looks just like a sheep! She writes: It was bought from an exhibition I had, by a client [...]

Scientists solve bee flight route mystery

Far from following a random flight pattern bees have the ability to plan the most efficient route. In an effort to better understand the flight patter…

The Carbon Nanotubes Invisibility Cloak

Researchers from the University of Texas at Dallas have taken one step closer to creating the Invisibility Cloak à la Harry Potter. Instead of Demiguise hair, they use carbon nanotubes: CNTs have such unique properties, [...]

Whale shark filmed sucking fish out of net

Some whale sharks have developed the unique ability to suck fish straight out of the fishermen’s nets. Conservationists using radio tagging to track t…

Why do we fear snakes and spiders ?

Humans are believed to have evolved the innate ability to both sense and fear spiders and snakes. Many people have an excessive fear of snakes or larg…

Science Explains Cockroaches’ Ninja-Like Ability to Vanish

Now you see it, now you don’t. In addition to their ability to survive a nuclear apocalypse, cockroaches have the ability to skitter and vanish in a blink of an eye. Now, science has explained [...]

Science Proved that Gaydar Exists

Does Gaydar – that preternatural ability to detect whether someone is gay – real? Researchers Joshua Tabak and Vivian Zayas actually did the scientific experiment to find whether gaydar exists: We conducted experiments in which participants [...]

Amigurumi Cockroaches

These little guys by Dessy TAB are so cute that they’ll always be welcome in my kitchen. I know: some people don’t like cockroaches. But that’s only because they’re jealous of roaches’ ability to survive a nuclear war. Link -via Craft

That’s One Small Hop For Fish

One giant leap for evolution. Alice Gibb from Northern Arizona University and colleagues discovered 6 unrelated species of fish that have evolved the strange ability to jump: Researchers discovered that at least six different types of fish are able to [...]

Doctor Who Travel Posters

If you can easily travel through time and space, why not use that ability to save on vacation expenses? Andrew Le made three travel posters that feature the TARDIS discreetly in the background. Link -via Super Punch Previously by Andrew Le: Why Love Is Like Pi