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A Family of Bank Robbers

Some families golf together, others go camping together. This family, however, is a bit unique: they rob the bank together. And you know what they say about a family that robs a bank together. They go to jail together: A father, son [...]

Life Advice from a Cat

If Dear Abby were a cat, what kind of advice would you get? Jeff Wysaski at Pleated Jeans gives us seven typical questions and the feline wisdom to deal with them. Link

Poor Abby

(YouTube link) Four-year-old Abby is tired of “Bronco Bama” and Mitt Romney. We’re all tired, Abby. But the election will be over soon. Abby was reacting to hearing yet another election story on NPR. So NPR has issued an apology to Abby. Link

St. Bernard and Kitten

(YouTube link) Abby the St. Bernard plays with the new kitten! The kitten, named Little Bugger, was taken in as a stray at four weeks of age, and Abby loves him dearly. The uploader says that the kitten is now over a year old and is still best friends with Abby. -via The Daily What

How to be the Best Skull on Your Block

Crafty Lady Abby went to a zombie wedding in full skull makeup. It turned out so well that she posted the makeup process as a tutorial for you. You might not have a wedding this would be appropriate for, but a Halloween party would be the perfect place to show off your skull skills! Link [...]

The Shared Lives of Unusually Close Twins

Most of us, at one time or another, imagine what it would be like if there were another person just like us. Twins already know what this is like. They have the same family, the same childhood experiences, and in the case of identical twins, the same DNA, yet they are separate people who eventually [...]

Kid Handcuffed and Perp Walked for Doodling on Desk

Having solved all serious crimes, New York City Department of Education focused its might to quash the scourge of doodling in today’s school. Here’s what doodling on a school desk with erasable marker will get you: a perp walk in cuffs! Alexa Gonzalez was scribbling a few words on her desk Monday while waiting for her Spanish [...]

Cake Wrecks: Interview with Jen Yates

Take cakes that are so bad they’re good, mix in a great sense of humor and what do you get? A madly popular blog phenomenon, and now, a book as well! Jen Yates, the founder of Cake Wrecks, one of my all time favorite blogs, has graciously agreed to do an interview about cakes, the [...]