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LumaHelm: Bike Helmet Meets Daft Punk

Photo: Craig Sillitoe It’s like bicycle helmet meets Daft Punk. Dutch designer Wouter Walmink created a flashing helmet called LumaHelm with 104 multicolored LED lights that can act as (stylish) indicators: The LumaHelm is based [...]

Techtastic Ways to Use an Altoids Tin

Altoids tins are pretty darn cool, but most of us don’t have any use for them besides the occasional storage space for buttons. If you’re the type who hates to throw things away, then you’re certain to find a lot of value in this great article describing 5 tech-related ways to reuse an Altoids tin. My [...]

Laser-Guided Slingshot

We’ve previously featured the clever gadgets of Kipkay, including his DIY Laser Pointer, his DIY Star Trek Phaser, and his Potato Gatling Gun. One of his latest projects was a slingshot with a laser sighting system. He used a 6 mm laser diode powered by two AA batteries. At the link, you can watch a [...]

Tiny Robot to Roll from Tokyo to Kyoto

The Evolta robot — the mascot of Panasonic’s line of batteries — will roll 500 kilometers from Tokyo to Kyoto. It’s powered by 12 AA batteries, and the trip is meant to serve as a public demonstration of the batteries’ endurance: The Evolta humanoid, whose new design is meant to resemble an ancient highway traveler pulling [...]

Mini HoverDrone

Every now and then I run across a toy that’s not exactly an earth-shattering technological breakthrough, but looks like so much fun that I immediately want one. That would be the Mini HoverDrone from the playful minds at Think Geek. They call it the smallest flying remote control device they’ve seen. Only 60 millimeters wide [...]