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What’s Your Favorite Love Song From ’80s Movies?

Quick – what’s your favorite love song from ’80s movie? Can’t pick just one? Well, neither can Emily Temple. She’s crafted this Top 10 list of Best Love Songs from ’80s Movies over at Flavorwire. (I’ve Had) The Time of My Life by Bill Medley & Jennifer Warnes (from Dirty Dancing, of course) came in at [...]

Take Me Home Tonight Cast Reenacts Every ’80s Movie

(YouTube link) In the video for Atomic Tom’s cover of ”Don’t You Want Me?”, the cast of Take Me Home Tonight re-enacts scenes from tons of ’80s movies. Ghostbusters, Ghost, Rambo, Breakfast Club and easily a dozen more – all in under four minutes. Can you catch ‘em all? Topher Grace gets bonus points for a spot-on [...]

10 of the Scariest Scenes in 80s Movies I Saw as a Kid

As an 80’s kid myself I can certainly relate to Natania’s list of scary movie scenes over at Geeks Are Sexy: During that decadent decade of Reaganomics, shoulder pads, and scrunchies, it never really occurred to movie makers just how terrifying some of the scenes in their movies were. To this day, typical horror doesn’t scare [...]