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Tea Rex Tea Infuser

Tea Rex Tea Infuser – $9.95 Does work have you feeling about 65 million years old? Maybe it’s time to take a break and make yourself a nice cup of tea with the Tea Rex Tea Infuser from the NeatoShop. Remember, every ferocious beast needs to take a rest now and again. You will be back [...]

Feeding Crocodiles

How to Feeding Crocodiles After viewing these pictures, it became quite obvious to me that I would never try this job. Even if you work for many years with these predators and know all about their behaviour, there’s no guarantee that you’d be safe, plus shit still happens. crocodile is any species belonging to the family Crocodylidae [...]

Dinosaur eggs are found in India

Geologists in India have discovered literally hundreds of dinosaur egg clusters dating back 65 million years. Scientists believe the football size…

Mass extinction event spared Europe

When a massive comet smashed in to the Earth 65 million years ago it caused widespread devastation that saw the end of the dinosaurs but strangely…