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Disneyland’s Club 33 Reopens for Membership

The main dining room at Disneyland’s Club 33 Good news, Neatoramanauts: For the first time in decades, Disney has reopened membership to its secretive Club 33. The bad news? It costs $25,000 to join, with annual dues of $10,000. Disney officials announced that [...]

The Starship Enterprise is Made of Poplar

Last week marked the 45th anniversary of Star Trek‘s debut on TV. As part of the anniversary-related festivities, the Smithsonian is highlighting the original Enterprise model used on the show, which is part of the museum’s permanent collection. (We’re talking about the NCC-1701, naturally.) The model is 11 feet long and weighs [...]

Where No Cookie Has Gone Before…

Aren’t these cookies adorable? Too pretty to eat! Darla at Bakingdom made these in honor of the 45th anniversary of the premiere of Star Trek: The Original Series on September 8, 1966. Along with her tribute to the show, she also posted the process of designing each cookie to look like a crew member, pictures [...]