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3D Printed Toys Made from Children’s Drawings

We’ve seen children’s drawings turned into plush toys before, but Bernat Cuni goes even further. His project entitled Crayon Creatures does the same thing using a 3D printer to produce the final result in sandstone. Link -via Nerdcore

Print Your Own Records

(YouTube link) The in last couple of years, the music industry has seen the phoenix-like return of the vinyl LP. Once thought to be as extinct as the dinosaur or Leif Garrett’s musical career, record labels have return to their jilted ex with gold-digging abandon.  While vinyl might be a throwback to a more analog time, [...]

Super Mario Bros. Möbius Strip

With a 3D printer, Joaquin Baldwin was able to make a Möbius strip showing the first level of Super Mario Bros. It doesn’t matter which castle the Princess is in. Mario will be trapped in an unending hell, forever moving forward but getting nowhere. Link -via Nerdcore

Magic Arms

(YouTube link) Emma Lavelle was born with arthrogryposis multiplex congenita (AMC), which means she does not normally have the strength to life or use her arms. The WREX system is an exoskeleton that aids in supporting the weight of the limbs, and enabled Emma to do she she couldn’t before. But it wasn’t small enough to [...]

How to Make a Chocolate Model of Your Brain

Step 1 is to acquire a brain. I’m not going to ask where you got it. Just get the brain. Then, as Instructables member Inition advises, scan the brain of dubious provenance with a MRI machine. Use a 3D printer to create a latex mold and pour in the chocolate. If you’ve ever wanted to [...]

3D Printed Lattice Darth Vader Lamp

What could possibly make a lampshade shaped like Darth Vader even dorkier? Why, printing it out with a 3d printer, of course! Created by Zairy Zin (cool name!), this is one honey of a honeycombed helmet, and it sports an equally rich pricetag ($585). But if all goes well maybe Zairy will release the 3d file (for [...]

Doctors ‘print’ a new jaw for transplant

In an operation that’s the first of its kind, doctors have created a new jaw using a 3D printer. The patient, an 83 year old Dutch woman, required the…

3D Printed TARDIS Cookies Look Tasty & Fun

These delightful cookies are even geekier than you might think…they were created using a 3D printer to create the cookie cutter. Now all they need is some nice blue frosting. Link Via BoingBoing

Lucky Charms Sifter Gets Rid of All of that Unnecessary Cereal

Since 1964, General Mills has sold Lucky Charms cereal, padding the weight with toasted oat bits. Why? No idea. All they do is get in the way of the marshmallows, which contain all of the good luck (toasted oats are not good luck). Thankfully, Tom Lombardi warmed up his 3d printer and came up with [...]

The First 3D Printed Aircraft

3d printing is such a new process that we are still discovering all the ways in which we can use it to enhance our lives. Well, the wait for the next big thing to print is over, because engineers from the UK have used the 3d printer to create an aircraft capable of flight. Made [...]