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Museum buys ‘vampire slaying kit’

The Royal Armouries museum obtained the box containing everything you need to fight vampires. The box is believed to be from the 19th century but the …

Victorian Lady Deadpool

This Wanda Wilson (Lady Deadpool) was spotted at TeslaCon 2011. Alternatively, this is a (male) Deadpool crossplay, set in the 19th Century. Like all things Deadpool, conversations get awkward quickly. Link -via Fashionably Geek

Mysteries of ‘mummified mermaid’

University students are attempting to get to the bottom of a hoaxed mermaid made in the 19th century. Known as the Buxton Mermaid, the creation is com…

Restoring a Photograph from the 1870s

Bob Rosinsky was asked to restore a tintype photograph from the 19th century. On his blog, he walks us through the process of how he did it. No, we don’t watch him change every pixel, but you’ll be surprised at the difference between a scanner image of the tintype and a photograph using an ultra-high [...]

Cheerful Victorian Gore

Artist Jessica Harrison made a set of ceramic and epoxy resin figurines that look like refined 19th Century ladies suffering from ghastly wounds. Pictured above is Grace. There are thirteen more examples at the link. Link via Nerdcore | Photo by the artist Previously by Jessica Harrison: Mouth Eyes

Ghostly fakery in the 19th century

Back in the days before Photoshop hoaxers relied on alternative ways to fake ghost photographs. In the 19th century hoaxers such as William Hope creat…