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Lost spacecraft found on the moon

A spacecraft launched in the 1960s is thought to have been found on the dark side of the moon. Lunar Orbiter 2 was launched by NASA in 1967 for the pu…

CIA Escape Kit, Made to Be Hidden Inside the Human Body

You can guess where. Wired has a gallery of gadgets from the history of espionage, including this CIA-issue escape kit from the 1960s. Link via Nerdcore | Photo: International Spy Museum

Soviet surgeon removed own appendix

In an incredible feat of courage and skill a surgeon in the 1960s removed his own appendix in Antarctica. Leonid Rogozov was stationed in 1961 at a Ru…

Batman-Style Secret Switch

On the 1960s Batman show, Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson opened the entrance to the batcave by pushing a secret switch hidden in a bust of Shakespeare. The New Hobbyist, quite reasonably, figured that it would be totally awesome to have one of his own. A switch, that is. Batpoles will come later. He provides [...]

Up! (1965)

(YouTube link) What if Disney had produced the movie Up! in 1965? YouTube member whoiseyevan, who gave us Ghost Busters 1954 and Raiders of the Lost Ark 1951 produced a trailer for a 1960s live-action version. See a list of clips sources at the YouTube link. -via reddit

Inside the Soviets’ failed moon program

Back in the 1960s both the USA and the Soviet Union raced to place the first humans on the moon. While the Americans succeeded when Neil Armstrong fir…

Vintage Ads from Fictional Futures

Two years ago, writer Mark Rayner held a contest in which he invited people to create vintage ads from the 1940s-1960s. Except that these ads would be from future environments depicted in science fiction. Rayner has now held a new contest with the same theme. You can view the winners at the link. Link via Nerdcore