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Rainbow School

This is the colorful new look of the Ecole Maternelle Pajol in Paris. The building housing the kindergarten has been around since the 1940s, and was recently updated by French architectural firm Palatre & Leclère. The inside is just as bright! See more pictures at The Cool Hunter. Link -via Boing Boing

In-flight "Tweet" from the 1940s

Neatoramanaut Minnesotastan was helping out his mom sort through some old memorabilia when he came across this gem: a pilot’s note to communicate news to passengers in flight. Sort of like an inflight tweet from the [...]

Good For Me

DDT {wiki} is a pesticide that was used extensively in the US from 1939 until it was banned in 1972. It was very effective in controlling insects that spread typhus in Europe and malaria in tropical regions, but it also accumulated in the ecosystem, killed wildlife, and was found to have harmful effects on humans [...]

Ward Shelley’s Chart of the History of Science Fiction

Artist Ward Shelley creates enormous, sprawling timelines that show the development of different ideas or cultural trends. Pictured above is a small selection from his chart illustrating the history of science fiction. One part that I find interesting at the very top of the diagram (see at link) is his notion that the genre was, [...]

Vintage Ads from Fictional Futures

Two years ago, writer Mark Rayner held a contest in which he invited people to create vintage ads from the 1940s-1960s. Except that these ads would be from future environments depicted in science fiction. Rayner has now held a new contest with the same theme. You can view the winners at the link. Link via Nerdcore