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The Paramount Picture

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of Paramount Pictures, photographer Art Streiber assembled 116 movie stars into one picture. Shown here is just a section of the picture that appears in the July issue of Vanity Fair. You can mouseover the full, larger image at Vanity Fair to see the names. Link -via Buzzfeed (Image credit: [...]

Titanic Twitter Timeline

On April 15, the world will mark the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic. The History Press has set up a Twitter account to send real-time (+100 years) updates on the progress of the ship and its only voyage. Start following now to get the whole story as it happened. Link -via the [...]

Titanic Belfast

The RMS Titanic was built in Belfast, Nothern Ireland, and as the 100th anniversary of the ship’s first and last voyage comes up, so is the new museum dedicated to the Titanic and the people who built her. Titanic Belfast is an architectural wonder designed to be reminiscent of the ship itself, situated on the [...]

The “L.L.” in L.L. Bean Stands for Leon Leonwood

If seeing a Bootmobile in person is on your bucket list and you can get to Times Square by tomorrow afternoon, you’re in luck. To celebrate L.L. Bean’s 100th anniversary, they’re rolling out a “larger-than-life mobile replica of the iconic L.L.Bean Boot.” But really the takeaway here is Leon Leonwood. [via The Hairpin]

Superconductivity Is Very Cool

(YouTube link) On the 100th anniversary of the discovery of superconductivity, researchers at Tel Aviv University demonstrate how a superconductor will float in a locked position above a magnetized track. The puck of superconducting material is able to stay locked in the air above the magnets because one of the properties of superconductivity is that that it [...]

These Euro Coins with QR Codes are Legal Tender

The Dutch Royal Mint in Utrecht is celebrating its 100th anniversary by releasing silver 5€ and gold 10€ coins. It has been reported that they include functional QR codes and are legal tender in the Eurozone. Link -via CrunchGear | Image: The Rich Times