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Does ancient oyster contain huge pearl ?

An ancient oyster ten times larger than its modern counterparts could contain a golf ball sized pearl. The 100 million-year-old fossil discovered off …

Man Shuts Out His Family from Inheritance for a Century

Wellington R. Burt (d. 1919) amassed a vast fortune during his lifetime, but he didn’t want it to spoil his children or grandchildren. They needed to make it on their own in the world, so he bequeathed to them comparatively small stipends and ordered that the rest of his fortune — now measured at $100 [...]

Krupp Digging Machine

Taking over five years to design and manufacture along with $100 million, the Krupp Digging Machine is the largest trenching machine in the world. This amazing machine is 700 ft long and weighs over 45,000 tons. Take a look at more of the world’s largest machines at Oddee: Link