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World Record Title Holder of Longest with Bullet in Head Dies

Permit me to unpack that headline. William Lawlis Pace of Turlock, California was accidentally shot in the head when he was 8 years old. He recently died at the age of 103. According to Guinness World Records, he kept a bullet in his head longer than any other person:

Born Feb. 27, 1909, in Wheeler, Texas, Mr. Pace was 8 years old when his brother, Marvin, accidentally shot him in October 1917.

Doctors left the bullet in place, fearing he wouldn’t survive surgery to remove it. It didn’t stop him from playing baseball and basketball as a boy.

The bullet didn’t impair Pace’s health. He lived on to become a farmer, a husband for more than seventy years, and a father of two sons.

I would advise against trying to best his Guinness record.

Link -via The Agitator | Photo: Modesto Bee/Joan Barnett Lee

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April 28th, 2012

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