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Women Defy Biology to Not Give Birth on Halloween

Is it bad to be born on Halloween? After all, the holiday – which has
been traced to have Pagan roots – is all about death and horror.

So what’s a pregnant woman who’s due to give birth on October 31st to
do? She defies biology, that’s what! Here’s what Yale researchers found
by analyzing the birth statistics in the past 11 years:

All types of births — natural, C-section, induced —
decreased significantly on All Hallows’ Eve. Overall, a whopping
11.3% decrease in births was seen on this day across the years. That’s
a pretty clear indicator that women don’t want their babies associated
with hauntings and horror.

Okay, so the numbers are definitive. But how could women exert
control over when they give birth?! The short answer is that no one
has any idea. The closest that these authors come to suggesting a psychophysiological
mechanism is to say that wanting to give birth on Valentine’s
Day and resisting giving birth on Halloween could, for a short time,
alter the hormonal mechanisms responsible for determining birth timing.

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October 15th, 2011

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