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Woman Stayed in Car for a Week

Lynn S. Keesler of Houston, Texas, became stuck in mud January 15th in her rental car and survived on candy for a week, despite the fact that she was not injured.

Keesler told deputies she saw water by a dairy at 800 W. 500 S. and thought it was the river she needed to cross in order to reach the hotels.

According to the report, Keesler said she tried to drive around the outside of the water but got stuck in the mud. She said the first night that she was stranded, she flashed her headlights all night until the car’s battery ran down. She also said she was able to honk the horn a couple of times when the battery would power up enough.

Keesler said she lived on peanut butter M&Ms and water, and stayed inside the car because she’d always been told not to leave her vehicle if she became stranded.

On the 22nd, the water began rising and Keelser went to a nearby house for help. Paramedics checked her out, but she refused a trip to the hospital. Link -via Arbroath

(Image credit: video from Fox News)

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January 27th, 2012

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