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Woman Obtained Restraining Order Against Helicopter Parents

helicopter parents? A 21-year-old theatre student named Aubrey Ireland
does, and she had to go to court to obtain a civil stalking restraining
order against them after telling the judge that they attempted to control
all aspects of her daily life:

The dean’s list student’s complaints against her parents began when
she realized they’d installed monitoring software on her computer and
her phone. They paid unannounced visits, traveling 600 miles from their
home in Kansas, to meet with Aubrey’s department head.

They also accused their daughter of promiscuity, doing drugs, and having
mental issues to the point where they were considering going to court
to order that she get treatment.

"My mom has always been very overly involved," Ireland said.
"I would have to get on Skype all the time to show them that I
was in my dorm room, or there were nights I had to leave my Skype on
all night and my mom would watch me basically sleep."

ABC Good Morning America has more: Link

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December 28th, 2012

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