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Woman Killed Man By Squeezing His Testicles

has probably got to be the most painful way to die, at least for us guys:

On April 19, a female scooter rider killed a man by squeezing his
testicles during a parking dispute, in Haikou City, Hainan Province,

The 41-year-old woman rode on her scooter to an elementary school
in Meilan District, Haikou City to pick up her child. When she wanted
to pack her scooter in front of a shop, she was rejected by the shop
owner, a 42-year-old male.

The two parties soon fell into a quarrel, and then a physical confrontation.
The furious woman called her husband and brother to come help her, which
resulted in a more violent fist fight.

During the fight, the middle aged woman manged to grab the man’s
testicles, and squeezed them until he finally collapsed on the ground.
The man was immediately rushed to hospital, but unfortunately died there
despite of efforts.

| Image from China
News 24

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April 25th, 2012

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