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Woman Keeps Pet Crocodiles

Vicki Lowing lives in Australia with her three pet crocodiles. She adopted Johnie, her first crocodile, fifteen years ago. Johnie is now 6 feet long! Lowing tells how the crocodile would get into bed with her and her then-husband, and even slept with her young son.

“Johnie would jump on Andrew’s bed nearly every night. They were like a brother and sister,” Lowing said.

Animal experts tell 20/20 there is no way to domesticate a crocodile. They are too aggressive, powerful and unpredictable. Ultimately a relationship like this may end in real tears – and not crocodile ones.

Lowing, who is now divorced, says the crocs were not responsible for the end of her marriage. But as much as she loves them, scaly reptiles who can take off a human limb with a nip are not exactly nuptial magnets.

“It’s hard, I do meet nice blokes. And then when they do eventually come home and see I’ve got the crocodiles, they just run, they all run. If I could find a man, like another Steve Irwin, sorry Terry, but like a Steve Irwin that could take me and my animals and share the same passion, that would be wonderful,” says Lowing.

Lowing is not the only one keeping crocodiles as pets. Read about more people who do in this article from ABC ’s 20/20. Link -via Arbroath

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March 8th, 2011

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