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Woman Crashes Car into House in Order to Distract the Police

police carA drunk driver in Red Hook, New York noticed that police had pulled over a friend of hers for drunk driving. She immediately swung into action, deciding that the best way to distract the police officer was to get him to chase her instead:

[...] she drove past a Red Hook, N.Y., police officer on a winding country road at nearly 100 mph, lost control and smashed through the door of the house, narrowly missing homeowner June Lawson, Red Hook town police said.

Sarnowski started driving at the high speed to distract the town officer who had pulled over a friend of hers for possible drunken driving, police said.

She was unsuccessful. The police arrested both drunk drivers.

Link -via Dave Barry | Photo: davidsonscott15

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December 26th, 2012

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