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Why It Sucks Being Left-Handed

sure got the short shrift. Mental_floss blog outlines the 7 downsides
of being a south paw. For example:

2. They May Get Paid Less
Full disclosure: this one is contentious. Some studies have found there
is no difference between handedness and how much a person makes. However,
a seminal study by Harvard University found that lefties make 10%
less on average
than their right-handed counterparts. This may be
due partly to the fact that lefties are less likely to complete college.
The same researcher found that despite the oft repeated claim that lefties
have higher IQs on average than righties, left-handed people actually
score slightly lower on math and reading comprehension tests.

Another study published in The
Journal of Human Resources
found that while left-handed men’s
salaries were comparable to righties, left-handed women made significantly

7. The World Is Trying to Kill Them
The world isn’t just driving lefties to drink, though. It’s
also killing them. Left-handed people seem
to expire
anywhere from a few months to a few years before righties,
all other things being equal. One of the deadliest problems is simply
that the world isn’t laid out best for lefties. This leads to
left-handed people being five times more likely to die in accidents
than right-handed people.


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April 29th, 2012

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