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Why French Parents Are Superior

Tiger Moms! The
secret to raising great, well-behaved kids is … being French!

Pamela Druckerman explains why French parents are superior:

Why was it, for example, that in the hundreds of hours I’d clocked
at French playgrounds, I’d never seen a child (except my own) throw
a temper tantrum? Why didn’t my French friends ever need to rush off
the phone because their kids were demanding something? Why hadn’t their
living rooms been taken over by teepees and toy kitchens, the way ours

Soon it became clear to me that quietly and en masse, French parents
were achieving outcomes that created a whole different atmosphere for
family life. When American families visited our home, the parents usually
spent much of the visit refereeing their kids’ spats, helping their
toddlers do laps around the kitchen island, or getting down on the floor
to build Lego villages. When French friends visited, by contrast, the
grownups had coffee and the children played happily by themselves.

By the end of our ruined beach holiday, I decided to figure out
what French parents were doing differently. Why didn’t French children
throw food? And why weren’t their parents shouting? Could I change my
wiring and get the same results with my own offspring?

Driven partly by maternal desperation, I have spent the last several
years investigating French parenting. And now, with Bean 6 years old
and twins who are 3, I can tell you this: The French aren’t perfect,
but they have some parenting secrets that really do work.

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February 4th, 2012

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