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Why Doesn’t Britain Make Things Anymore?

you’re sad that the United States doesn’t make things anymore, read this
and you’ll feel a bit better: at least we’re not Britain, where they really
don’t make anything anymore.

Aditya Chakrabortty of The Guardian explains what’s going on with what
has been called Britain’s De-Industrial Revolution:

In significant part, it’s a tale about where Britain is going,
one that’s been told by Conservative and Labour alike over the past
30 years. It’s a simple message that comes in three parts. One, the
old days of heavy industry are gone for good. The future lies in working
with our brains, not our hands. Two, the job of government in economic
policy is simply to get out of the way. Oh, and finally, we need to
fling open our markets to trade with other countries because, despite
the evidence of countless Wimbledons and World Cups, the Westminster
elite believe that the British can always take on the competition and

Yet there’s ample evidence that the promised rewards of this post-industrial
future haven’t materialised. What was sold as economic modernisation
has led to industrial decay, with too often nothing to replace it.

(Photo: Abandoned Spillers Millenium Mills, south east of London by The
Urban Adventure

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November 17th, 2011

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