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Why Do Virginia Bureaucrats Hate Treehouses?

you love treehouses? Of course, you do. Who doesn’t like treehouses, especially
one as great as this one by Mark Grapin of Falls Church, Virginia.

Well, actually, the county officials don’t:

First, Grapin checked with the county’s building department.
A friendly employee told him that, no, he did not need a building permit
and to have a nice day.

So off he went to the hardware store for the materials to construct
a 58-square-foot treehouse — painted red, with a pitched roof
and orange window shutters and braced with stilts — around the
only sturdy tree on their Falls Church property.

What Grapin did not realize was that because he lives in a corner
lot at Marc Drive and Parkwood Terrace, he would need a variance to
build any such structure in what the zoning code considers a front yard.
Responding to two anonymous complaints, a county inspector went around
to have a look. Soon, the Grapins received notice that they were in
violation of Section 10-104 (12C) of the county zoning code.

Now, after an exhaustive battle against the local bureaucracy, Mark Grapin
would have to tear down his sons’ treehouse: Link

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October 14th, 2011

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