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When Hipsters Invade …

Call it the sign of times. Years ago, neighborhoods across the United
States were changed by the influx of immigrants. Now, the cultural war
still rages on … and the horde that’s doing the invading are … a bit

Here’s what happened when a neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York, is being
gentrified by hipsters:

In the above video, Miesko Kalita, an immigrant from Poland describes
how his neighborhood of Greenpoint, Brooklyn, once inhabited by Polish
and Latino immigrants, was overtaken by "people who consider themselves
artists." Cut to skinny kids with scarves and asymmetrical bangs.

Some, like Kalita, attribute these hip migrations to re-zoning
laws which have made it more expensive to live in parts of Brooklyn.

Kalita says there have been lots of "artistic happenings"
and "strange haircuts" since these newcomers arrived. Once
undocumented himself, Kalita concludes that, "They’re definitely
not illegal immigrants."


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February 28th, 2012

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