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What Separates Average Computer Programmers from Extraordinary Programmers? Beards.

Some programming languages become widely used. Others languish in obscurity. How can you predict which languages will succeed and which will fail? Tamir Khason has figured it out: it’s not the the language, but the developer. Languages devised by people* with full beards or, in some cases, mighty mustaches, thrive. Those made by the clean-shaven gain few fans.

Take, for example, Ken Thompson and Dennis Ritchie, who are pictured above. They have fine, beardly beards. They also invented C. A coincidence? Maybe. But certainly a beard can’t hurt. And studies that I just made up show a strong correlation between having a beard and being super intelligent. So why take chances? Start growing one today.

Link -via Glenn Reynolds | Photo: Quibik

*Intentional use of gender-inclusive language, as you will see at the link.

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June 18th, 2012

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