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What Else Happened on the Fourth of July?

The adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776 is the moment recognized as the birth of the United States, and is the reason why we celebrate the date as Independence Day. The fact that it is so well known as just July the Fourth is why we never move it to the nearest Monday like other holidays. But many other significant event took place on the date in different years. Many of them were planned for the date; others were coincidental.

JULY 4TH, 1817 – New York’s Governor DeWitt Clinton, marks the 4th by breaking ground at Rome, NY for the building of the Erie Canal.

JULY 4TH, 1836 – The House of Representatives marks the USA’s 60th birthday by passing a resolution recognizing the nation of Texas, a sister republic that has just fought its own war of independence from the tyrannical Mexican government.

JULY 4TH, 1848 – The cornerstone of the Washington Monument is laid at a public celebration of Independence Day in Washington, DC.

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