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What A House Throwing Up Would Look Like

How would a house feel like if it knew that its life would come to an
end? It would throw up
, according to artist Chris
of art collective Ink Tank Lab, as shown in their art project
"Last New Year" in Austin, Texas.

From Colossal:

The premise for the project was fascinating: the ensemble imagined
a fictional group of people living in the home who would react to the
prophesied end-of-times 2012 date. One of my favorite pieces from the
show is a giant installation called The Purge by artist Chris Whiteburch
who decided to imagine how the house itself would confront the impending
doom. The result is a structure purging its contents, all manner of
debris and structural material shooting violently through a window into
a giant wooden splash.


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February 23rd, 2012

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