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Wasabi as a Weapon

you’ve ever had wasabi – that curiously strong green paste* in sushi –
then you’d know it’s weapon-grade food. But it’s not every day that you
hear it actually used as a weapon:

A Massachusetts college student is facing criminal charges after
admitting he assaulted his girlfriend with a pair of jeans covered in
wasabi sauce, an attack that the man claims was prompted when “some
guy she slept with in school was texting her.” [...]

The woman doubled back to McGuinness’s home, where he “came
out to the driveway with my jeans covered in wasabi sauce.” She
told cops that McGuinness “had my jeans by the waist and whipped
me in the face with them. I got wasabi sauce in my eyes and they were
burning and I couldn’t see.”


*yes, actually just colored horseradish and mustard in most countries
outside of Japan. REAL Wasabi is
a bit different.

Image: Wasabi
from the NeatoShop

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June 15th, 2012

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