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Using Landfill Gas To Make Crafts

You wouldn’t think that arts and crafts required so much energy, but creating pottery and glass sculptures takes up a lot of energy. That’s why some green minded folks in North Carolina have devised a way to utilize gas from a landfill in their craft making endeavors.

Many crafters have discovered greener ways to create their wares: reused and/or upcycled materials, for instance, have become very popular among the crafty set. But if your medium is something like glass or ceramics, heavy energy use is just a part of the process: it takes a lot of heat to melt glass for blowing or to fire up a kiln. A craft incubator program in North Carolina, the EnergyXchange, has figured out a way to lower the footprint of these artistic endeavors: landfill gas.


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July 14th, 2011

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