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Turtle Gymnastics And Other Oddities By YouTube Sensation Ray Sipe

Have you seen this wild man’s videos posted on the interwebs before? If not, and this is assuming you’re a lover of all things comedic in life, then you’re in for a hilarious treat. Because Ray Sipe brings the funny in a way that is so pure and natural it can’t be scripted.

And I know he writes his songs looking for a laugh, and that he’s trying to be a comedian in all of his videos, but the things that make me laugh about Ray aren’t the moves he’s making to be funny, but rather the raw unintentional way that the man is simply a comical human being.

Between his clearly custom made Lady Gaga shirt, his super cheesy props and his deadpan delivery, what’s not to love about Ray Sipe? Geekosystem has gathered a good selection of Ray’s funnier videos, including his tribute to Amy Winehouse, STDs are not ABCs, Human Centipede and a song about Nyan Cat pooing rainbows.


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February 17th, 2012

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