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Trail of Pine Needles Led to Christmas Tree Thieves

Three men were arrested for theft from the Notcutt Garden Centre in Pembury, Kent, England. They broke two CCTV cameras, but did not see others that caught their movements.

In a scene straight out of the Special Branch files, police cars cut off all exits around the site after security staff reported the incident.

Officers then moved in – catching one thief attempting to escape, and finding two more hiding in bushes.

Officers then followed a trail of pine needles to the thieves’ van, where 138 Christmas trees of various sizes, as well as 48 boxes of Christmas lights and two wheelbarrows were found stacked nearby, ready to be loaded. The haul was worth almost £7,000.

The three Grinches who tried to steal Christmas later pleaded guilty to theft charges. Link -via Arbroath

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November 30th, 2011

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