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Top Ten Great Movie Deaths

moviedeathsledeIf ever there was a cause for a Spoiler Alert, this would rank. The very nature of good films is the conflict factor, which will ultimately end with someone’s demise. But who’s whose? And how? When it’s done memorably well, character death in a movie can have a lasting impression, and worthy of a top ten list. David Frank’s offering at RopeOf Silicon is a pretty good one.

These are the death scenes we remember long after the actors have screamed, slobbered, cried, coughed, wheezed, or drawn out to William Shatner-esque lengths their final words. They are a perfect combination of acting, writing, filmmaking, image and idea. Some are shocking. Some are sad or bittersweet. Others funny. Some deaths you cheer on. All are memorable.

There are many more, of course. Which ones did he leave out?


Image from Psycho, Paramount Pictures.

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October 1st, 2009

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