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Top Chef Season 10 Kick Off

Fantastic Four The Thing

There is a time, every few months, that is filled with magic. A time of incredible excitement, of jolly, and of mesmerizing personality. My friends, Top Chef is back!

Season 10 starts off with just as much promise as any past season. The judges are back (even young Uni-Monster Hugh Acheson), the location is set (Seattle) and Padma is looking beautiful as always - I love you Padma. 

Let’s recap episode one! Warning – Spoilers beyond this point.

First, a disclaimer. I don’t know all that much about cooking and I am not going to pretend to. I love Top Chef because of how seriously they compete, because I get exposed to this whole cooking culture I know little about, because the food looks so damn good, and because of the characters. I could write a much longer post on how many awesome and interesting people we have gotten to see through the years on Top Chef. I am into it, so to speak. I hope you are too.

Anywho. Like Top Chef Texas, they decided to start off Top Chef Seattle a bit differently. More like a preseason warm-up than a real episode. This season you have to earn your way to Seattle, you must past a test administered by one of the Top Chef Judges.

Tom Colicchio, Emeril Lagasse, Hugh (armed with bad Knight jokes) Acheson, and Wolfgang Puck each get a group of chefs to judge. They choose who gets a jacket and who goes home based on whatever they want, clean and simple. They can also take as many chefs as they want, which is a relief. I was surprised nice guy Puck (man with the world’s best accent) was even able to cut one, sending them packing.

To save time, we’ll skip ahead to the end and eliminations. After one episode we went from 21 chefs to 15. It’s the preseason remember. The chefs that made it through are Bart Vandaele, Brooke Williamson, Carla Pellegrino, Chrissy Camba, Danyele McPherson, Eliza Gavin, Elizabeth Binder, Jeffrey Jew,John Tesar, Josh Valentine, Kristen KishKuniko Yagi, Micah Fields, Sheldon Simeon, and Tyler Wiard. Check out their bios linked above. If you haven’t memorized everyone names by now, no worries. Here is a cheat sheet to help you figure it out.

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Fantastic Four The Thing

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