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Tokyoflash Treasure Hunt #22

Neatoramanauts! It’s time for another fun round of the Tokyoflash Treasure

For those of you who haven’t played before, the Tokyoflash Treasure Hunt
is an easy and fun online scavenger game, with awesome prizes. You can
win a Tokyoflash watch of your choice and neat stuff from the NeatoShop.

Here’s how to play: We’ll give you a set of clues, for example:

1. What’s the name of Neatorama’s
baby blog
2. What is 2+1?
3. What is the name of the top grill listed in our post Top
10 Coolest BBQ Grills

Put the answers together to form this link:

Go ahead and copy and paste that URL to your browser to get to the answer
page. Easy, right? Let’s get started, then! Here are the clues to today’s
Tokyoflash Treasure Hunt #22:

1. Head on over to Tokyoflash
and check out the watch you see above. Fill in the blank: "features
an _____ time display in mirrored LCD"

2. Visit the Zombie Shop
on the NeatoShop. Find the messenger
bag that will help you survive the Zombie apocalypse. Fill in the blank:
"raw edge cotton canvas bag with ______ of storage capacity"

3. Head on back to Tokyoflash and find a really cool blue watch. There
are several cool blue watches, but this one starts with the sentence:
"Sense the atmosphere and feel the _____ as you step towards the

Visit Tokyoflash and the NeatoShop to find answers to these clues. Then
string them together to form the URL:
(all one-word, lower case, separated by dash).

This contest will end soon, so get going! Have fun, Neatoramanauts!

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November 19th, 2012

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